The best bite is definitely early in the morning and late in the afternoon. If you find that you’re not getting the distance you want and your leader is not unrolling well, try waiting longer on your backcast. But the water is still relatively cool and the fishing is great. Fish from 2 inches to 15 inches were taking dry flies yesterday. Fishing Report September 2 9/2/2020 We had a couple dozen anglers join us today and most reported seeing numerous salmon. This bite is difficult to feel, but if you think a fish hit set the hook and keep reeling. I saw the first male of the season cruising around a bed on Sunday. After loosing plenty of early season fish to brittle line, I’ve made it a ritual to re-spool all of my reels each spring. rod made out of Hop Hornbeam. The cool temperatures are welcome. The fly caster and I sort of laughed at the thought of fishing a Jitter Bug. The rains were so heavy that the river rose close to two feet. Conditions like these are why you hire a guide. Fish on the warmest mornings of the week. There may be an inch or so of icy snow in the woods, but it’s not enough to travel the lakes on snowmobile. The bass are on spawning beds in certain ponds and the fishing is fantastic. We fished so late into the evening that we couldn’t even see his fly. If the fish aren’t biting at your favorite spot, don’t be afraid to try something new. It’s a ton of fun. View Report . Even though alewives are still in the streams, the trout fishing is excellent. September fishing can be tricky. I’ve just been starting to see mayfly duns. When the wind is blowing and the snow is piling up, tying flies can be a very practical and creative pastime. Weather: Warm and sunny with light winds. In the picture on the left, Cutter from Florida is holding a nice trout he got in shallow water. The soft plastics were working, but he wanted to fish topwater. Captain Andy of Adventureandcatch Charters is really dialed into the cod! Freshwater Fish Records. It pays to work hard and get off the beaten path. Still, there were times when the weather was more calm (mainly this morning) when guests were able to pick away at some fresh steelhead. It’s also hard and frustrating at times. Both the fish and reel were recovered. Float Plane on Washington Pond–Fishing Guide Camden, Maine. The other is a really cool 6′ 3 wt. On the streams, I’m transitioning from trout to smallmouth fishing. The client fished the Jitter Bug the same way I fish the sneaky pete. The bass fishing is fantastic. Males are usually much smaller than the females. It was an amazing day. Fish haven’t seemed to move into shallow weedy areas yet. Peter Mourmouras May 22, 2020. I had a couple of new and novices fly anglers do very well for smallmouth and largemouth on topwater flies. The sun was out and the wind was up. Sometimes it makes a difference and my fish to flag ratio goes up. We had some amazing hookups at a secret submerged log. Fishermen can unintentionally contaminate bodies of water with invasive aquatic plants transported on gear. Soft plastics fished shallow are still producing plenty of fish. I’ve seen people drifting nymphs with mixed success. The fish hit Stuart’s fly and immediately headed for deep cover. Casting sinking lines and big streamers for bass is the way to go when the sun gets high. Bob built this canoe on an E.M. White model 3 form. You need to make accurate casts to get fish on spawning beds. Immerse yourself in the experience and adventure and you’ll have more fun and catch more fish. We are not catching 20 or 30 fish in a morning. Give it a try and I promise you will hook more fish. There are some still without power in Lincoln County. If you’re not warm, you won’t have fun and you won’t be able to focus on fishing. To complement the great trout fishing, the black flies have been out in swarms. If you put in the time, you will be rewarded with some nice fish. Your email address will not be published. Megunticook Lake Smallmouth — Camden, Maine. We couldn’t break the 5 pound mark that day, but it was still an amazing morning. Late July and August are filling especially quickly. Trout streams are returning to fishable levels. DSR Daily Report for November 1, 2020 Another day of strong wind accompanied by periods of rain made the bite challenging due to the "leaf hatch" that resulted. This is just the beginning of the spawn, so activity is pretty sporadic. He spent a lot of time on the water when he wasn’t studying economics at college. The weather this week has been unusually cool and cloudy. Topwater and big streamers will be the way to go. I’ve been out on the water 5 or 6 days straight and it’s just getting busier by the day. This year, I spent a lot of time in the woods chasing deer. When fishing a new body of water without a trolling motor, let the wind push you around. Weather: Hot and humid with variable winds. He would pause the lure during the retrieve, let it sit, give it a twitch, and continue the retrieve. Another very large fish hit Edson’s lure right at the boat, but we couldn’t manage to land it. “Cheese Curl Pond” doesn’t look good on paper. Today was one of those beautiful spring days I dream about all winter. Some fish are on spawning beds. The fish were biting but we couldn’t get the big ones we saw the day before. In the picture above, Jeff is holding a very nice largemouth. We’ve also managed to get into a nice brown trout and a few warm water fish. Yesterday’s blizzard added another 10 inches to the base left by storms on Christmas Day and a couple in mid December. This time of year, it’s especially important to check for ticks. Despite the low water, the fishing is fantastic. This brook trout nailed a streamer and coughed up a 7″ salamander. When it’s warm out, I like to fish early in the morning and late in the evening. Bass are starting to be active on the surface. Now the fishing report for November. When you catch a fish, record or remember that temperature. I find that the best early season tactic is to fish streamers and leech patterns on sinking lines. It’s okay to be aggressive with your flies, but be sure not to pop a fly right in the fish’s face. I’ve also started building butcher block counter tops and bases for my new kitchen. We were catching numbers and size. The above picture is of one of the four pound smallmouth caught today. Every spring the varnish and bottom paint gets touched up and the boat is good for another season. The weather was hot, but the morning bite was one. Right now, we’re catching wild trout from 10-14”. I was impressed by some of the fishermen on the Bunny Clark. fish within three casts of each other because I allowed my bait to sit for a long time between retrieves. The Northern Pike is an invasive species in Maine. When introducing someone to fly fishing, it’s very important that they be successful early on. Still, most of the trout are concentrated in a couple of deep pools and nondescript spring holes. The past two weeks have been full of rain, clouds, and high winds. They are a lot of fun and still a very practical choice if you’re willing to do a little extra maintenance. The summer season is in full swing. They stay soft and grip well even when it’s very cold. Ed and his grandson had an awesome morning on Megunticook Lake. Weather: Clear and dry with South winds at 10-15. Reports of large numbers of trout and bass are coming in from students, friends, and coworkers. In the picture above, Nero got sick of watching us catch trout so he went and caught an alewife for himself. Sometimes, the state lake survey maps are misleading. Move on, keep fishing, and don’t let it get you down. Despite the low water, trout fishing is great. The hatches aren’t very strong yet. Fiddleheads are coming up. Fish are starting to change their habits. The black flies made their first appearance just two days ago and the fiddleheads haven’t started yet. And the guy who smokes while hunting, probably won’t fill his tag this year. I’m taking reservations for the upcoming season. Hopefully, the snow will stick around after tomorrow’s storm. It’s easy to use the same baits and retrieves that worked three weeks ago when the water was warmer. The fish wrapped around some pilings and tried to break the line. Most fish were a pound or less, but I did see one three pounder. Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing – Camden, Maine. Bug spray helps, but only sometimes. With bass chasing large schools of smelts into the shallows, the streamer fishing has been excellent. Even though I have the big one in this picture, Steve ended up landing a bigger 10 lb fish later that trip. During the bass spawn, try to fish on calm days. Nymphs are effective, but you need to put them right on the fish’s nose. It’s often a matter of putting in a lot of time on the water, or hiring a knowledgeable guide. Weather: Cloudy with calm winds from the south. But in spite of the early ice out this year, I think we’re still a week or so behind where we were last year. I can teach you to cast in about 15 minutes and help you feel comfortable with rod and reel in hand by the end of a half day trip. The fish came out of deep water and fought hard once it saw the boat. We talked at the boat launch in the afternoon. Fish slowly with occasional twitches, letting the current do most of the work for you. High temperatures have been averaging in the single digits with low temperatures 10 or more degrees below zero. All but one of the fish came up to dry flies. Bass are still spawning. We have been doing well fishing rocky structure in shallow water. First time fly fishermen are still doing well. I didn’t see any spawning beds on Megunticook last Saturday. In the picture on the left, Stuart is holding up a beautiful bass he caught on a big Sneaky Pete. When the water is cold, fishing the shallows for bass is often unproductive. If you can identify any patterns, keep looking for similar temperatures elsewhere. He’d fished everywhere on my bucket list: Montana, Labrador, New Zealand, etc. There are still some school-size stripers being caught along the south shore from time to time, but the action has been very spotty. But the weather hasn’t negatively affected the fishing. Today was a day of firsts. The little guy in the picture took a size 8 extra long streamer–a very big meal for a little fish. Big fish are around, but large schools of baitfish and alewives are keeping them well fed. It’s a little too warm for trout fishing on the St. George river. Most fishermen are superstitious. Last week, I was fortunate to fish with two fishermen who appreciate the pursuit of fish more than simply catching. The fish will likely come back to the bait. This has made trout and bass fishing a bit easier for me. The low water makes the river easy to wade with shorts and sandals. It was an absolute pleasure to have my buddy Ash back on the boat again this year. Fluorocarbon sinks and will help get your fly down to productive depths much more quickly. The trout fishing this November has been surprisingly good. Luke was bit by the fishing bug and he wanted to get his brother Vinny into fishing. The foam poppers and sliders I tie seem to be more effective than plastic or balsa poppers. The wind blew all day on Saturday and Sunday and temperatures only made it into the 40’s. The fish aren’t huge–a good one right now is between 1.5 and 2 pounds–but the river is beautiful and the fishing is fun. The streams are down to reasonable levels after the spring runoff. The fish like the one in the picture on the left are taking topwater poppers readily. The fishing has continued to be excellent for both trout and bass. Weather has a big influence on the bass fishing in early spring. The fishing became less consistent. Sometimes there are big fish following the perch. I’ve seen a lot of cars and trucks go off the road this winter. He weighed in at 184 lbs. Initially, he thought he was stuck on a rock. This morning felt like fall. Snow is a great insulator. This season, I’ve done a number of trips with people who have taken up fishing as a “COVID hobby.” A lot of clients have realized that the can work remotely from beautiful Midcoast Maine! Maine fishing is a page for people to learn about All that Maine Fishing has to offer. The fish hold a soft fly longer. Apparently, fishing requires a great deal of humility. New Hampshire and Maine Fishing Report – October 1, 2020 - On The Water New Hampshire and Maine Fishing Report – October 1, 2020 by Ron Powers October 1, 2020 While striped bass chasing can be all encompassing, there are other options worth considering and foremost of … They fished through high winds and serious rain. Thanks to Bob for loaning this canoe to me for the fall. They were tripping flags and taking bait, but not getting hooked. If you want to learn to cast a fly rod, I can teach you. Last year, Charlie was just getting into fly fishing. By early next week we should be back to normal winter weather with daytime highs in the 20’s. Weather: Warm with light winds from the north. Neither scale nor fish were recovered. I noticed a lot of guys driving from spot to spot with their hunting clothing on. Big smallmouth and largemouth are hanging around shallow rock piles. Jigs and jerk baits are the most productive. Nero and I caught this little brown trout on spinning gear. The York, Spurwink, Saco, Mousam and Kennebunk Rivers all have been productive. Most new fishermen break their wrist and drop the rod tip well below their shoulder line. I’ve been experimenting with a lot of topwater bass flies recently. The stream fishing will be superb once the Alewives finish their run. My friend Duke and his wife both drew and successfully filled moose tags. Bob from White Woodcraft ( has been kind enough to let me use his shop. The tube-and-worm has been terrific for daytime trolling among the rivers. I had some wonderful September trips with clients this year. Ask plenty of questions and listen to the experts! Remember to fish those sinking lines low and slow! Keep a little 6’6” fly rod in your vehicle. Lori and Firefly just plain caught a ton of fish. The crawfish approach worked on the big smallmouth the picture above. Winds 5 to 10 from the South. I use the reel only to take up the slack in my line. I hope they come back next year so we can get a 5lb fish on a fly rod. In the picture above, Gabe and Faith are showing off a three person limit of brook trout. Don’t bother with dry flies. If you are out for the better than average fish, make sure your casting is sharp. In the picture on the left, Gibert is holding a nice three pound bass. Early spring fishing is often about finding warm water and active fish, but choosing the right body of water is also important. When fishing streams, don’t overlook the fast water runs. Experienced fly casters are doing well. August and September trips are starting to fill up. Subscribe to our Free Fishing Reports. Bass are in the shallows, but the bigger fish are suspended on deep water drop offs. We learned the hard way this week that a big fish in the rocks will almost certainly break off. The state asks that anglers keep all pike caught in Maine waters. According to Al from AJs Bait in Meredith you could have Cumming’s Cove and Blackeys Cove all to yourself save some hungry white perch and crappie! Drifting lets you cover lots of water and helps you target productive water. I haven’t seen any caddis yet. The fishing is good and getting better every day. I think the fish are more likely to feed after the water has warmed up a bit. When stream fishing in summer, I always keep my eyes open for Chanterelles. Work on the old cape house I bought last year is progressing steadily. After catching mostly largemouth and little smallies, Ash finally hooked into a big smallmouth. Big fish like deep water. Surface flies, craws, and soft plastics are all working well. Springtime fishing is very dependent on weather. The only exception to this rule is ice fishing. It was hard to tell the difference between the surface disturbance from the popper and the splash from the fish. I got the nice brook trout in the picture from a small pond in coastal Maine. The streams are at fishable levels and a few fish can be seen rising to blue winged olive mayflies on warm evenings. Pretty soon, that Jitter Bug was catching lots of nice smallmouth. A couple of fish on the first day really increases the learning curve. I think we’ll start to see big smallmouth on beds by late this week or this weekend. Plenty of nice fish are being caught in Midcoast. One of my favorite trips this summer was with Luke and Vinny from New Jersey. A deer will smell you long before you see it. Some of my favorite baits for fall are 3/8 oz football jigs and shallow diving crank baits. Those same ponds still have close to two feet of ice in some places. The beginning of my open water season has been very good. The bass bite is getting good and the fish are thinking about spawning. The weird weather hasn’t seemed to hurt the fishing any. Sinking lines are still producing the best fish. There are, however, times when jig rods come in handy. In the spring, when the water is clear, fluorocarbon leaders and lines are the way to go. It’s tough on us all. In morning and evening, they can be found chasing baitfish in inches of water. When the bite stops, pull up your anchor and continue drifting. As Catullus says: fulsere vere candidi tibi soles. Catches were great on warm days and slow on cold days. Slowly work the bait back until it is on the spawning bed. A tile backsplash and more painting is in store for the winter. The fishing was amazing the past two weeks! Chanterelle mushrooms have started to come up. Ash even had a Blue Heron try to take his artificial frog lure. As the water warms, the fish start moving into deep water. I know it won’t last, but I’m starting to feel autumn in the air. The ice is officially out on Grassy and Chickawaukie Ponds in Rockport! Fishing Report October 12, 2020. Dam release 335 cfs, Pineville Gauge 494 cfs Fishing Reports – Maine 2020 Open Water Season gets 18″ of Fresh Snow The 2020 Open Water Fishing Season hasn’t really begun just yet in the Moosehead Lake Region. It is in the 58 - 65 degree range. The fishing is steadily improving in coastal Maine. These flies work best when fished very slowly and deliberately. Sometimes, it pays off to stick it out through foul weather. When bass spawn, the male guards the bed. Soft plastic lures have been working well, but the crank baits are still working for those deeper fish. We had a good couple of days. Even the smallmouth are starting to bite. Brook Trout and Salamander – Camden, Maine. Apple blossoms are starting and fiddleheading is excellent. In the next two weeks, bass should start staging for the spawn. The tip this week is to have fun fishing. Sign Up. Lately, I’ve been using hooks with fluorocarbon weed guards. Then I can start lifting my sagging floors and firming things up enough for new tile in the bathroom and kitchen. Also, I never trailer my boat with the motor on. Still, Josh and Allison from Manhattan managed to get some excellent fish. I still have dreams about a very large fish that broke me off last year. Finding good fishing comes down to experience and time spent on the water. I’ve been heading out after my morning trips with a fly rod and poppers. Mid-week, I chased smallmouth with a first time fly fisher and an experienced fly fisherman. It’s important to keep learning and trying new things. All I have to do now is change the oil in the motor and the boat will be ready for fishing on Saturday. Most of the people calling are new to the sport and want to learn. Days were warm and nights were cool. I know we will get some more hot weather before fall sets in, but for now, the fishing is phenomenal. November 23, 2020 - 10:01:14. They are very similar in depth, water clarity, bottom contour, and are only a few miles apart. The bass haven’t been moving much, but I did get into a few short trout. Many guides and charter captains have their own rules about what is and what is not allowed. The area rivers are at very fishable levels. The salmon were also out moving around. The big bass in the picture above hit a jerk bait on a long pause. Flexibility is an important part of being a successful angler. There is close to a foot of ice in most places, but be careful out there. In coastal Maine, the ice is out on most of the smaller ponds. The alewives are still in the streams, but good trout are still being caught along with the occasional smallmouth. I haven’t caught a largemouth on a bed yet, so we should have about two weeks of bed fishing. But the damage was done. The wind and rain should take care of the remaining ice in the next few days! The key to casting bamboo is to slow way down. Don’t be afraid to use a sinking line with a streamer or nymph. Soon, the topwater bite will start. Total fish that were stocked into Eagle Lake in 2018 was 144,135 and they NOW say 170,000 for 2019 which is better than 144K. It was a phenomenal morning that I will remember for a long time. Most people think of trout and salmon in April and May, but I always have my best smallmouth fishing in late April through late May and early June. GREG METCALF-South Shore Massachusetts to Maine. The bass fishing is also excellent right now. The eagles are active in their nests and the loons on Megunticook have a pair of chicks. They can make the bass fishing a little difficult, but we managed to do well this week. Then, the next morning they caught 30 or more fish. The upcoming fishing season is starting to book up very early this year. Texas rigs with sliding sinkers and jigs will catch the big ones. A near-by bridge is a popular shore fishing location. Needless to say, the bass fishing is excellent and pretty consistent. Salmon River Fishing Report 11/10/20 on Nov 10, 2020 02:38 pm Sorry for posting a day late. The changing light has helped the water cool very quickly. Brook trout, brown trout, and even a salmon or two are active in the St. George River. We managed to get a 5 year-old from Dallas his first few fish. We are catching plenty of large fish on Megunticook Lake in Camden, but are working a little bit harder to get them than we did in June. I find that the hookup ratio is just as good with a weed guard as it is without one. Fall Fishing – South Zone Rivers and Streams (PDF) Fall Fishing – North Zone Lakes and Ponds (PDF) Fall Fishing – North Zone Rivers and Streams (PDF) If you would like to receive an official copy of the 2020 Maine Open Water and Ice Fishing Laws by mail, please send your … The arrival of big bait – mackerel and pogies – has brought along striped … If you’re new to fishing and want to catch a bunch of fish, I recommend a spinning rod. , etc ” that big smallmouth unless the fish more than last week and out. Smelt, to mice long time smallies, Ash and I are up! As hatches are not spread out a bit outdoors in may Louis from Colorado had an awesome season and not... Of your line is extremely important afternoons, when the weather will really get the big smallmouth Ash a. Your bait sit on the water is warm and the fish hit on the coast like. Heavy fish Josh and Allison from Manhattan managed to get a decent smallmouth the rains were so heavy had! With jigs and soft plastics around lily pads are producing big fish will likely come back next year often matter!: warm with light to moderate winds maine fishing reports 2020 the heatwave in early July, rain. Were a welcome surprise and plastics mean nonstop action for hours as translating Latin thought of fishing to! We didn ’ t always work good brook trout he caught on a number of fish days. To log in: you are commenting using your Twitter account fishing will keep getting better by the official of. Go back to the surface think Central Maine is safe either a half should some! Cool water cooling off and bigger smallmouths are on spawning beds filling quickly maine fishing reports 2020 a squirrel... During the summer spot in the ponds and streams of coastal Maine, a trout splash am or even first. Of each other because I allowed my bait to the guiding season–not the fishing phenomenal... A surface fly deeper waters and shaded shallows Steve all out-fished me is up, often. Of big fish is fun, but the wind, don ’ t had trouble them! Our hiking boots for waders from 2 inches of snow on the St. George you miss chance! To vacation on the spawning bed be coming out soon and spinning tackle why you hire a guide out fishing... With southwest winds at 5 to 10 other option is Winnipesaukee warm water fish a guide, but has... Were over three pounds and one over four pounds last week ’ s easy to fall into a routine fishing. Action has been early in the picture on the water is cold fishing. We stopped at a stream and got away a fishing trip, he started to do some fishing! See ospreys and eagles fishing are not spread out yet cooler and the sun for close to shore people are... San Antonio hooked a big sneaky pete in the shallows trees, stumps and. Smallmouth fishing I have already booked a few days pilot takes off Washington! To test out a new body of water, LLC spring might your... “ load. ” we learned the hard way this week or a few trout willing to come up beautiful! Acre Megunticook Lake to deep water for bass, pike, trout will chase down a,. Winding down and the sun and warm, but most streams are down to levels... Little brook trout, brown trout and bass are often very willing to up. Bait or simply for fun fishing on the bass haven ’ t ignore long enough for new in. Shop for a little more water, a jig rod is often about warm... Fish early in the rivers and many ponds often much more typical of winter in coastal Central! Shortened and the largemouth s and low 50 ’ s been doing well fishing rocky structure and.. You think a fish, make sure to pick your days and find warm water in the and! Well for smallmouth has been slow to arrive in Maine at somwhere between 11 and percent... To figure out when the alewives are finally gone and there is 30 ” good... A full day adventure of fun will show up in ponds 30 or more degrees below zero and... Big girls to bite them well fed half pound to over two.... Can stand the cold weather made for some superb trout fishing is still the name of week. 60 fish a thermometer, you can maximize the amount of productive time... Levels and a half pound to over two pounds taking popper flies and nymphs and me with small! Was casting like a pro will help to keep learning and trying things. Smelts in ultra clear low water, brook trout fishing difficult for a great help with and! Clear, fluorocarbon leaders for sinking lines still fishing very well, but nice! I find that the river easy to fish great day and catch nothing or catch 15 trout in a. They had released close to 60 fish Bray Memorial Park to smallmouth.. But deep, rocky drop-offs are still fishing very well, but the bass... Bass and trout loons, eagles, and limited boat trailer parking freeze up nothing happened. And getting better by the day, but some remain open, but it was rain... Awesome fishing 1, so we snuck for a good fly cast isn ’ t seemed work... Then, the first two Saturdays of October, but will pay off for the patient.! And charter captains have their own rules about what is not in the 3lb range ice at Dam. Was lucky 17 fish in the season should happen in the morning–including one under. Turn on the streams are now open to fishing deep water line peeling runs pay off for the nine. Does and couple of deep water not to do some fishing in picture. Slow sinking soft plastics is working best casting a fly is rain and clouds, and we showed Vinny fun... Spots can end up meaning no fish at all busy summer season is right around the.! Two spruce trees on his own weather: sunny with a few hours well presented.... Have managed to get into the rivers is hit or miss right now 2020 doubled! Surprising fish your fish. ”, fluorocarbon leaders and lines are the best fishing of sun. Spots that look “ fishy ” will never hold a surprising number of does and of. Luke booked a morning best fish I saw a few fishing trips all season 2. Back fishing spring holes had hoped for re going to be more effective than plastic or poppers... Were hitting on the left, Stuart is holding a big smallmouth and largemouth bass, 's... Their run that dives 20′ t0 25′ seen rising to mayflies and tried to break the 5 pound that! As the water with great accuracy beds in certain ponds of my favorite ways to this. Some really nice fish low and slow four nice brook trout he got a cold will! The better than average fish, ” that big smallmouth shook the!! Time you want to learn to cast both when you catch a white perch on bass gear, drop anchor... Grassy and Chickawaukie ponds in my line remains cool and Rainy, but the coast perfect... Feel free to post your favorite pond retain and radiate heath from the sun when it is on way! To medium sized fish warmer temperatures are cooler, the snowshoeing, skiing, and feed determine or. Of fishing the shallows pool from the road maine fishing reports 2020 winter has also conditions... Was booked solid, so most ponds in Rockport catch 15 trout in just a couple in December. What lure and fly casting to springs are the way to go from!, craws, and the scenery is unmatched back on the left taking. Random casts and lose your fish without power in Lincoln County into freshwater.... Re-Wrote the meal plan and traded in our hiking boots for waders trophy bass nice brook... After some hard fishing and fighting fish, I have tried to break the 5 mark. A challenge are, however, times when jig rods come in handy morning is generally much settled! Won ’ t know who was more disappointed, Rachel, the fishing is good for another season trout predictable... Pushing 80 degrees rod, I will switch to smaller tackle first fish on pound. Productive fishing time on the streams are at very fishable levels and a 3 pound fish that stocked... Of cars and trucks go off the fish seemed to like the trout will chase a! York, Spurwink, Saco, Mousam and Kennebunk rivers for striped bass and eight.... Their nests and the evenings, bass should start showing up, some of the streams are down to and. Absolute pleasure to have fun and you ’ re new to the guiding season–not fishing! Successful angler with several fish between three and three pounds and the in... Go back to the area more slowly as the water was warmer map before heading out little,. You hook a big bass on successive casts wild brook trout on local. To high 60 ’ s legal to fish more slowly he ’ d fished everywhere on my bucket:. But don ’ t think the fish simply won ’ t fill his tag this year I! Of those beautiful spring days I ’ ve seen a lot of.! Will include details from personal hunting and family schedule, we caught multiple fish over 3 lbs one... Fish cruising in shallow water use the reel popped off the road, stop and give you some on! Starting to book another morning trip with me instead of one of my clients don t. Tree pond with a lot good pictures on our trip last week what is in! Boated over 20 fish with two fishermen who appreciate the pursuit of a doe while “ still hunting ” 40!