Buckets offered by us are from leading OEM sources. These buckets are designed as per applications; offered in wear resistant steel, hardox and good quality steel. We have in stock wide variety of buckets.

Product Offered


This is most common excavator bucket. It is the standard bucket that comes with every excavator. These all-purpose buckets are used to plough through hard soil, rocks or even frost covered soil. They come in various sizes and shapes with short blunt teeth, to break through hard soil.

Our buckets are designed to operate with the manufacturer’s performance and material specifications that the excavator operators get the best possible performance from their machines at levels that are safe within the loads of their machine.

Buckets are designed for a variety of applications, from the standard digging bucket through the heavy duty version to severe and extreme duty versions.


Clamshell buckets are cost effective, low maintenance tool for picking up and moving granular products, Clamshell buckets are strong and rugged. They can be used in water & in extremely harsh condition designed for Indian demanding condition of extreme heat & dry, high wear.

Hydraulic clamshell bucket is designed to be attached onto an excavator. The dual hydraulic cylinders/rams mounted on the outer top Side of the bucket provide excellent digging force. The inner side of the bucket has a smooth surface for easy unloading of high viscosity material such as mud and clay, while the outer layer is reinforce with additional layer of wear strips. The bowl's radius has been optimized to match with the locus of the hydraulic cylinder/ram to deliver consistence full load for maximum productivity.

Custom Sizes and tailor made design are available in accordance with the customer’s requirement. Hydraulic Rotation, Manual Rotation or no-Rotation is available.

Applications:  Coal handling, aggregate handling, Wagon unloading etc.


These are grabs for the dry bulk cargo, dredging and recycling industries with choice of free or hydraulic rotation with heavy duty bearings.

The multi-tine grapples are essential tools for every hydraulic excavator. Multi-tine grapples are ideally matched to machines – resulting in excellent loading behavior and high productivity. We offer grab constructed with high tensile steel and wear resistance steel with capacity starting from 1 cubic meter and upward. The Hydraulic Rock handling Grabs are specially developed and designed to safely position large rocks or blocks at the precise place required. These multi-tine grabs are manufactured at customer’s specifications of the stones or block to be handled and are available in various executions. The grabs can be executed without rotation, with a hydraulic rotator (360° rotation). Available in various models for handling rocks or various kind of concrete breakwater blocks.

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