HYVA is a global multinational company founded in the Netherlands in 1979. The company is committed to the development, production, marketing and distribution of components for the commercial vehicle industry. All HYVA components are made to meet global market demands in terms of quality, price, availability and after sales service.

In India, the company is a strong brand name for Tipper & Tipper Hydraulics and an automatic choice for all established and emerging Automobile Companies. HYVA Front End and Special Underbody Cylinders are today symbol of Trust among the number of Tipper Owners across the country.

Apart from Tippers, HYVA also is a ‘one stop shop’ for customers, who want to add value to their trucks by adding hydraulic-Transport efficiency to it. HYVA’s global manufacturing capacity of Truck Mounted Crane, Hook Loaders, Garbage Compactors, Transfer Stations and Moving Floors are at disposal for Vehicle manufacturers and end customers. Hyva market products like hydraulic Tail lift, Oil Less bulk compressors and Power packs also in India.

Product Offered


Hyva’s telescopic front end cylinders are designed for dump trucks and tipping semitrailers. Their tipping cylinders have earned their reputation for reliability and value for money over many years with hundreds of thousands cylinders working around the world, in all weather conditions, confirming Hyva as the world leader in the production of telescopic cylinders. 

Front end cylinders are the best choice for rear-end tippers and tipper trailers. Hyva offers the strongest cylinder for this application. Our balanced design with lower oil volume allows faster tipping and results in the lightest cylinder in the business. 

The new Alpha Series, the fifth generation of front end tipping solutions brought to the tipper truck market by Hyva over a period of three decades, will extend and consolidate Hyva’s record of innovation and leadership in tipping solutions. The complete hydraulic kit – cylinder and wet kit – delivers higher transport efficiency and safer operating at lower cost in the Construction, Transportation and Mining market segments.   




Hyva Crane designs and manufactures truck-mounted cranes which are used in a wide variety of applications across a range of industry sectors, including construction, oil & gas and logistics. Their new generation cranes are designed to cover all possible applications by offering top performance, ease of use and maintenance and high levels of modularity in models, features and accessories.

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