What is the meaning of the name Alameda? Yoruba Girl Names and Their Meaning [A] Aanuoluwapo (The mercy of the Lord is abundant) Aarinola (The centre of wealth) Abiodun (Born into celebration) If you get the chance to be with her you won’t let it go, no matter how long you have to wait solabomi; gender type Female and tribe where commonly used in: yoruba. The name Alan is an Iranian dialectal form of Aryan. (2000 U.S. CENSUS) Alani was first listed in 1999 and reached its … The Alans (Latin: Alani) were an Iranian nomadic pastoral people of antiquity.. The most beautiful girl you’ll ever meet. What is the meaning of the name Alala? Oluwasola What is the meaning of the name Alake? Find it here. Alani is a rare first name for women but a very popular last name for all people (#64572 out of 150436, Top 43%). Alani Gram's style is influenced by the classic English gentleman, from corduroys, tweed, fedora’s to waistcoats. Meaning of Alani. Below is a list of Yoruba names for girls and their meaning: Adebisi. What is the origin of the name Alani? An Orange tree. They frequently raided the Parthian empire and the Caucasian provinces of the Roman Empire. mayowa; gender type Male and tribe where commonly used in: yoruba. More Names. Some are the ones I’ve heard from others and others are my coinage. Below is the list of Yoruba girl names and their meaning. Oriki in Yoruba land is a praise poetry usually consisting of songs of praise and identity of the family ancestors and also take the name form as well.. Oriki element of Yoruba Culture serves the following purpose: The Poetry and Entertainment value is great and refreshing at weddings, naming ceremonies or at burials to mention a few of this events when the Oriki of that person is being chanted. gender type Unisex and tribe where commonly used in: yoruba. Share this page: See Also. Possibly related to the Massagetae, the Alans have been connected by modern historians with the Central Asian Yancai and Aorsi of Chinese and Roman sources, respectively. Meaning: Added to the crown. Yoruba names are quite inspiring has it tends to have deep meaning. He also draws influence from his native Yoruba roots, from aso-oke, lace and the traditional Yoruba fila making appearances in his daily style. Looking for the meaning of the name Alani? Ajayi, jolasun, Ayoka, ife, Ayoola, Emilohi, jadesola, Kayin keyshia, Akanni, Apara, Mayowa, koyinsola, Ajani, Ajoke, Alani, Iyin. She’s quiet, shy, and absolutely adorable. Alani; gender type Male and tribe where commonly used in: yoruba . Alani, also called Alans, an ancient nomadic pastoral people who occupied the steppe region northeast of the Black Sea.The Alani were first mentioned in Roman literature in the 1st century ce and were described later as a warlike people who specialized in horse breeding. mogbonjubola; gender type Unisex and tribe where commonly used in: yoruba. You were born somewhere around the territory of Korea approximately on 1650.Your profession was warrior, hunter, fisherman, and executor of sacrifices.. You were sane, practical … Abeni. You should pay for my creativity but…don’t worry…I gat you. I do not know how you feel about it, but you were a female in your last earthly incarnation. I am convinced that this list of Yoruba female names will guide every parent while choosing good and meaningful Yoruba names for their female children.

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